November 11th, 2010
10:32 PM ET

Ban Ki-moon: 'G-20 nations must keep their promise'

Speaking in his hometown of Seoul, South Korea, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on nations to not forget about the real reasons why they have gathered in the Korean capital.

With trade and currency imbalances expected to top the, the former South Korean foreign minister insists that rich, developed nations must "keep their promise" to the developing world.

"While I'm concerned that opinion is divided among some G-20 leaders, this is the moment for unity and co-ordination to come together and help the developing nations and poor people," he told CNN.

The 66-year-old U.N. boss is a strong advocate of the Millennium Development Goals aimed at reducing world poverty and hunger by 2015. Many have questioned how the goals focused on women and children and require a commitment of $40 billion can actually be achieved, especially in light of the global economic downturn.

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