August 27th, 2011
08:04 PM ET

Tough lessons from 1938's Long Island Express reverberate today

Though they are rare, this is not the Northeast's first time dealing with a hurricane.

On September 21, 1938, a hurricane, later to be known as the Long Island Express, came roaring up the Eastern Seaboard over Long Island and through parts of New England with a fury beyond any coastal storm in the memory of the people living there.

According to the U.S. Weather Service, it had already been raining for days ahead of the storm and the tide was near its highest point when the storm made landfall.  The effect of the storm surge was devastating, the destruction of property immense and the loss of life severe.

Where it hit, the storm took most residents by surprise.  No early warning came telling them to get out of the way.  No substantial preparations to structures had been made.


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