October 13th, 2010
04:47 PM ET

Fort Hood hearing: Witness says shooter looked at him

Pfc George Stratton said he was at the processing center that November day getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan. It was to be his third deployment.

"All of a sudden my ears started ringing, and I heard loud gunfire right in my ears. Round after round – pop! pop! pop! pop! pop! just like that," he testified.

Stratton says he dropped to the ground, and saw a fellow soldier lying on the ground near him, covered in blood. He stood up.

"As soon as I turned I saw Maj. Hasan behind me. He was holding an older-fashioned pistol. As soon as I looked at him, he brought his magazine up and loaded it. He looked straight down at me, we made eye contact, and he brought his weapon down toward me. I turned on him, and the weapon fired. It hit me in the left shoulder, my arm went limp," Stratton said. "I couldn't feel it at all."

Stratton says he then hit the ground, and crawled as fast as he could to the door.

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