Thursday's intriguing people
Tim Thomas, 37, says winning the Stanley Cup is "a dream come true."
June 16th, 2011
01:01 PM ET

Thursday's intriguing people

Tim Thomas

The 37-year-old Boston Bruins goal-tender is regarded as a key the component in helping his team achieve last night’s historic Stanley Cup win against the Vancouver Canucks. It has been a long ride for Thomas, who started his first NHL game at 28 and became a regular goalie at 31. At one point, his parents sold their wedding rings to raise money for his hockey career, and a young Tim sold apples door-to-door, according to the Boston Globe.

"Every night, all season long, he always gave us a chance," Bruins coach Claude Julien told the Globe.

The Stanley Cup win is the first for the Bruins in 39 years.

“This is literally a dream come true, just like it is for everyone on this team,’’ Thomas said. “At 37, this might be my only shot to win it.’’