Wednesday's intriguing people
Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels is keeping the rhetoric civil.
February 23rd, 2011
12:45 PM ET

Wednesday's intriguing people

Mitch Daniels

Although he does want to limit labor unions' influence, Indiana's Republican governor has not taken the hard line of his colleagues in Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan.

Daniels has told GOP members in Indiana's General Assembly that they need not push a bill to ban forcing non-union workers to pay dues in union shops.

And when Indiana's Democratic senators, like their Wisconsin counterparts, fled the state to avoid a vote on it, he didn't rip them in the media. He said the tactic was "a perfectly legitimate part of the process," according to the Indianapolis Star.

"Even the smallest minority has every right to express the strength of its views - and I salute those who did," he said.

David Fields

For almost 28 years, the tax commissioner of Cherokee County, Georgia, loved his job - until his doctor told him it would kill him.

The 62-year-old resigned this month due to insomnia, acid reflux and crippling depression brought on by the stress of foreclosing on homes.

"I was foreclosing on the homes of people I have known my entire life," he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Monday.

Fields oversaw the foreclosure of nearly 100,000 homes in 2010 alone in the foothills north of Atlanta.

"I would talk to somebody or deal with something, a foreclosure or a lien, and I would just have to step out of the office to regain my composure," he said.

"I'm pretty tenderhearted," he added. "I guess I just wasn't crusty enough."

Chip Gamble

Gamble is a firefighter with the Los Angeles County Fire Department Search and Rescue unit. He is among more than 70 Californians now in Christchurch, New Zealand, trying to save people trapped after this week's magnitude 6.3 earthquake.

The unit has extensive experience in rescue and recovery - Haiti, Hurricane Katrina and 9/11, to name a few instances.

"To be able to take this mission to an international country, that's something special," Gamble told CNN affiliate KTLA.