May 10th, 2013
07:45 AM ET

'He is dead to me,' Ohio suspect's daughter says

Seldom does a daughter use such harsh words to describe her own father.

Ariel Castro's daughter called him "the most evil, vile, demonic criminal" she ever heard of during a CNN exclusive interview Thursday.

"He is dead to me," Angie Gregg said of the father police say kidnapped, held captive, raped and beat three young women in Cleveland for about a decade.

She had known her "daddy" as a "friendly, caring, doting man."

Now shocked and in disbelief, Gregg says she never wants to see him again.

March 29th, 2010
06:14 PM ET

New York state senator crusades against baggy pants

A Brooklyn, New York, politician is hitting the streets in an effort to bag the sag.

State Sen. Eric Adams announced plans to post six billboards around Brooklyn targeting the pants-sagging trend popular with many young men. The billboards, which will hang on busy streets, feature two young men wearing low-hanging pants above the phrase, "Raise your pants, raise your image."


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