March 7th, 2013
05:02 AM ET

Kenyan contender says vote 'doctored'

The running mate of one of Kenya's two frontrunners in the presidential election said Thursday  that the vote tallying should stop  because it is '"doctored" and lacks integrity.
A day before the announcement, election officials had said the new electronic voting system broke down, snarling the process and forcing the tallying to be done manually.

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June 21st, 2012
08:34 AM ET

Assange will be arrested if he comes out of embassy in London, police rep. says

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will be arrested if he comes out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he is seeking asylum, a Metropolitan Police representative at the scene said Thursday, without giving his name.

Assange was arrested in Britain in 2010 because Swedish authorities want to question him about allegations of rape and sexual molestation. His bail conditions included staying every night at the home of a supporter outside of London.

Why Assange needs Ecuador and Ecuador needs Assange

Two women have accused Assange of sexually assaulting them during an August 2010 visit to Sweden in connection with a WikiLeaks release of internal U.S. military documents. He was arrested in Britain that December and has been fighting extradition ever since, arguing the allegations are retribution for his organization's disclosure of American secrets.

Assange's only further legal recourse would be to apply immediately to the European Court of Human Rights, and his attorneys have vowed to do so. He has said he fears that if he is extradited to Sweden, authorities there could hand him over to the United States, where he then could be prosecuted for his role in the leaking of classified documents.

Assange has not been charged with a crime, but Swedish prosecutors want to question him about allegations of "unlawful coercion and sexual misconduct including rape," according to a Supreme Court document. Ecuador said its decision to consider Assange's asylum request "should in no way be interpreted as the government of Ecuador interfering in the judicial processes of either the United Kingdom or Sweden."

Julian Assange: Loathed, admired, here to stay

WikiLeaks, which facilitates the anonymous leaking of secret information, has published some 250,000 confidential U.S. diplomatic cables, causing embarrassment to the government and others. It also has published hundreds of thousands of classified U.S. documents relating to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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January 25th, 2012
12:08 PM ET

Nigeria's inspector general of police fired amid spate of attacks

The inspector general of police in Nigeria, Hafiz Abubakar Ringim, has been fired, aides to the Nigerian president said Wednesday.

His firing comes amid a wave of violence linked to the Islamist militant group Boko Haram. The violence includes Friday's bombings and shootings that left more than 200 people dead in Kano, Nigeria's second-largest city.

The group has been blamed for months of widespread bloodshed, with churches and police stations among the targets. Depending on the faction, Boko Haram's ambitions range from the stricter enforcement of their interpretation of Islamic Sharia law to the total destruction of the government.

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January 24th, 2012
07:03 AM ET

Sources: 158 Islamist militants arrested in Nigeria bombings

Nigerian security forces arrested 158 suspected members of the Islamist militant group Boko Haram, security sources told CNN Tuesday, three days after a spate of bombings and shootings left more than 200 people dead in Nigeria's second-largest city.

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August 30th, 2011
09:48 AM ET

Source: Gadhafi's daughter gives birth in Algeria

Moammar Gadhafi's daughter, a former U.N. goodwill ambassador who has kept a low profile during Libya's violent uprising, has given birth in Algeria, sources close to her family told CNN.

The baby, whose gender has not been disclosed, was born shortly after Aisha entered Algeria. Gadhafi's only daughter is doing all right, the sources told CNN.

Algeria's Foreign Ministry announced Monday that Moammar Gadhafi's wife, Safia, and three children, including Aisha, had entered that country. The family members arrived in Algeria via the Libyan border, state media reported, citing the ministry.

Aisha had been expected to give birth in September, sources close to the family told CNN.

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