February 26th, 2013
05:17 AM ET

Polio workers attacked again in Pakistan

Health workers administering polio vaccinations to children came under attack in northern Pakistan on Tuesday, killing their police escort, authorities said.

Two women administering the shots entered a house on the outskirts of Mardan when two assailants on a motorbike opened fire of them, according to Danishwar Khan, a local police official.

Attacks like these have become a frequent occurrence in some parts of Pakistan and have left 10 workers dead.

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February 16th, 2013
09:51 AM ET

Bomb rips Shiite enclave in Pakistan city; casualties reported

A blast targeting Shiites in a busy Pakistani marketplace claimed many deaths and injuries on Saturday, police told CNN

The sectarian strike occurred in the southwestern Pakistan city of Quetta.

An explosives laden water tanker parked in a marketplace along the Karana Road section of the city was remotely detonated. said Mir Zubair Mehmood, a Quetta senior police official.

February 14th, 2013
10:00 AM ET

7 slain in Pakistan bombing

A suicide bomber in northwestern Pakistan rammed an explosives-laden vehicle into a military checkpoint on Thursday and killed seven people, police said.

The bomber targeted paramilitary forces and soldiers, senior police official Shaukat Ali Shah said. Four civilians, including two women, were among the dead. Eight others were injured.

There has been no claim of responsibility.

February 2nd, 2013
06:30 AM ET

Officials: Militants target Pakistan army base in attack that leaves at least 35 dead

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) - Militants attacked an army base in northwest Pakistan in a coordinated assault that resulted in an hours long gun battle that left at least 35 people dead on Saturday, intelligence and security officials said.

At least 13 security personnel, 10 civilians and 12 militants were killed in the early morning attack on the base that included housing for Pakistani military personnel and their families near the town of Serai Naurang in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, the officials said.

About 40 militants targeted the base as well at least one house believed to be a home for some of the personnel and their families.

Two of the militants who were killed were wearing suicide jackets, intelligence officials said. Ten civilians, including three women and three children, also died when one of the suicide bombers entered a nearby house and detonated the explosives, they said.

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November 20th, 2012
01:35 AM ET

Pakistani teen cleared of blasphemy

The court saga a Christian teen who was accused of blasphemy in Pakistan came to an end today, her lawyer said.   "She is a free woman, like any ordinary citizen," said Abdul Hameed Rana, the lawyer for Rimsha Masih.

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November 13th, 2012
04:40 AM ET

Bomb blast in southwest Pakistan kills 2

A remote-controlled bomb on a bicycle exploded in Quetta today, killing two people and wounding 11 others, police say.

The attack appears to have targeted paramilitary forces that were patrolling the area, according to Mir Zubair Mehmud, a police official.  The blast wounded three paramilitary members.

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