November 9th, 2010
12:42 PM ET

Gotta Watch: Social queen, Haitian dumps, gift of Buddha

The Queen's on Facebook: It's official. Thousands of people officially "like" the British Royal Family after it joined Facebook, but don't expect to see Queen Elizabeth playing FarmVille just yet. You can "like" them but can't add them as a friend.


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June 17th, 2010
06:42 PM ET

Kevin Costner's creation could aid oil cleanup

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Actor and director Kevin Costner told a Senate subcommittee on Thursday that he feels somewhat vindicated now that BP has purchased a machine he helped develop years ago that separates oil from seawater.

The Senate Small Business Committee is evaluating proposals to clean up the Gulf Coast oil disaster.

Costner told committee members that the burden of cleaning up the oil in the Gulf of Mexico rests solely with the oil industry.

"For them to get over the bar of safety and pay the price is not too much to ask," he said. "It is not too much to ask for them to have to put in place the safeguards, the redundancies and muster the sheer will to throw an overwhelming response to the problem now."

Earlier this month, he told CNN's Anderson Cooper that BP ordered 32 machines from Costner's company. The devices use a centrifuge mechanism to separate oil from water and recycle the crude at the same time.

Watch Cooper's interview with Costner

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