3 police, 1 civilian killed in Taliban attacks in Kabul
September 13th, 2011
10:59 AM ET

3 police, 1 civilian killed in Taliban attacks in Kabul

[Update 10:59 a.m. ET] U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said there were no reports of U.S. casualties in Tuesday's Taliban attacks in Kabul. The country "will take all necessary steps" to secure the area and keep personnel safe, Clinton said.

She said the "dedicated, brave men and women" from the United States who work for the Afghan people "will not be intimidated" by this cowardly act.

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[Update 10:56 a.m. ET] The Afghan Public Health ministry said one civilian was killed and at least 18 were wounded but none seriously in Tuesday's Taliban attacks in Kabul.

[Update 10:09 a.m. ET] Three police officers have been killed in a string of attacks by the Taliban in Kabul on Tuesday, police in the capital said.

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[Update 9:37 a.m. ET] In a Twitter message, ISAF said a "suicide attacker was identified & killed by ANP before reaching target near Kabul airport," making reference to the Afghan National Police. There were no further details.

[Update 9:04 a.m. ET] The Afghan Interior Ministry said four suicide attackers entered the building site from which the attack on the U.S. Embassy and ISAF headquarters is being carried out. Two of them were killed and two were "resisting."

[Update 8:56 a.m. ET] What does today's Kabul violence say about U.S. chances for success in Afghanistan? TIME reports.

[Update 8:48  a.m. ET] An ISAF official said there are initial reports that some insurgent rounds hit the NATO base and caused minor damage.

[Update 8:29  a.m. ET] The U.S. Embassy issued an emergency message about the series of attacks across Kabul on Tuesday, saying "the situation is uncertain and ongoing.  There are media reports that many roads are closed in Kabul." It said appointments for visas or U.S. citizen services have been canceled for now and it said Americans in Afghanistan should monitor the websites of the embassy and the State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs for the latest information.